About Us

51runse is a brand of Zhutaren Education Consulting Co., Ltd. (Beijing), founded in 2013 in Beijing.

51runse is committed to helping clients create world-class academic papers in English. In the international academic field, English papers written by Chinese have more or less traces of "Chinglish". The paper is not Westernized enough in terms of academic logic expression, which makes it difficult for Westerners to understand the academic thoughts Chinese authors hope to express and the main academic information they hope to convey, thus affecting the realization of the academic value of Chinese scholars.

51runse has a world-class professional English native language editing team from various disciplines, they are distributed in universities, academic institutions and academic journal publishing units around the world. They are reliable, stable, dedicated, and professional. They can certainly make your English papers more academic and native.

As of 2021, the customers of 51runse have covered most universities and academic research institutions in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, as well as popular overseas study schools in North America, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and South Asia.

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