English paper paraphrasing

Academic research is usually performed to address a scientific problem considering previous research. Therefore, when writing academic papers, we often cite related literature as evidence. But when citing other research, we can not copy their original words, otherwise it will be deemed as plagiarism. We need to paraphrase the original sentences, to reduce the similarity to a reasonable rate, which is usually 20% or less.
For this purpose, we offer you these two services:

English paper paraphrasing
Plagiarism Check


With our paraphrasing service, you can count on a thorough review of your manuscript, research paper, or other work from both language and originality perspectives. Our editors have extensive experience in writing and paraphrasing English papers to ensure that the papers are not deemed as plagiarism, while also maintaining the overall language style of the paper, as well as a coherent and smooth structure of the paraphrased paper.This service includes: a detailed language check, plagiarism check, and review of the logic and flow of your manuscript.

Price:0.82 yuan/word

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Our plagiarism check service will help you to identify potential plagiarism using the industry-leading iThenticate tool. It provides recommendations on remedial action to reduce the risk of plagiarism before the step of peer review of your papers.

For university essay and graduation thesis, dissertation, the similarity report in this format is generally used:


For sci/ssci/ei/ahci, the similarity report in this format is generally used:


To avoid being deemed as plagiarism, 51runse can be entrusted to solve this problem. Check out English paper paraphrasing.

Price:20 yuan/1000words

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