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An English SCI/SSCI academic paper has to go through a lot of time and steps from the initial idea to the final publication: literature review, writing, editing, diagram processing, formatting, submission, revision, publication, etc., before it can finally be published in a suitable journal. It can be as fast as one or two months, or as slow as several years. The procedures are cumbersome, and only those who have experienced it can understand it.
51runse has a senior SCI/SSCI paper editing team, familiar with the academic judgment standards and peer review process of English academic journal editors and reviewers for English articles, and can provide authors with the following individual services or combined services:

Journal Recommend
Journal submit

Choosing the right journal is an important factor affecting the publication of papers. The review process of different journals is quite different, and improper selection of journal submission is one of the most common reasons for rejection.

Choosing the right journal to submit your manuscript will help increase the chances of your manuscript being accepted. At present, there are many kinds of SCI journals in the world, which provide scientific researchers with unlimited publishing opportunities, but also increase the difficulty of journal selection.

In order to publish a good paper, researchers have devoted a lot of effort to determine the subject, repeat the experiment, organize the data, and modify the English language repeatedly. If the journal submitted is not suitable, you may face rejection or a long review period, which will eventually seriously delay the publication process of the paper.

Our journal expert team has extensive experience in peer review and editing, and has a good understanding of journal publishing and review cycles. Whether your paper is comprehensive or professional, we can recommend suitable journals for your submission.

Price:1000 yuan/paper

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The process of submitting and publishing English SCI papers is also a process of interaction with SCI journals. How to communicate with journal editors in an efficient and professional way greatly affects whether your SCI papers can be successfully accepted and published.

Our company has been committed to providing English SCI journal submitting services for years. The submitting process is guided and completed by our company, and we are responsible for all email contacts and communication with journals, including journal recommendation, paper formatting, supplementary paper information, and writing cover letters. The follow-up steps such as responding to the review comments of the paper and revision of papers are completed by the authors.

Price:9000 yuan/paper

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For replying to journal review comments and other correspondence, 51runse can provide fast and efficient English editing services, so that your papers can be quickly accepted and published.

Reply to reviewers can be said to be one of the most important factors in determining whether a paper can be accepted.

Usually, authors pay attention to revising the first draft of the paper, but ignore the importance of replying to the reviewer's comments. This may cause misunderstandings between reviewers and authors on certain issues. And journal editors will decide whether to accept the manuscript based on the satisfaction of reviewers' responses to review comments. Journal editors will decide whether to accept the manuscript based on the reviewer's satisfaction with the reviewer's comments. Therefore, how to properly refute the harsh questions of the reviewer and correctly respond to the reviewer's comments is a key factor affecting the acceptance of the paper.

Price:6000 yuan/review

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The cover letter is the first impression of the submitted paper on the journal editor. The purpose of the cover letter is to allow the editor to briefly understand the basic situation of the paper before reading the main text. A good cover letter can arouse the editor's interest in reading the manuscript and is also an important basis for preliminary judgment of whether the paper can enter the review process.

Our journal experts will write a concise and powerful cover letter for you based on the advantages of your paper and the academic characteristics of the journal you are submitting to. Your cover letter will be written in a standardized format and brief language to emphasize your research innovation and unique contribution.

Price:500 yuan/letter

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Chart production is a key step in paper writing. The charts are concise, clear, logical and contrastive, and can intuitively express the author's academic thoughts and scientific research results. Charts that are intuitive and express correctly can quickly attract the attention of editors. Many journal review experts believe that charts are the key part of the journal review process second only to abstracts.

Most journals have clear requirements for the resolution, format, and text labeling of charts. Researchers are familiar with their own research fields, but they are not necessarily familiar with the production of charts in various formats. In order to improve the efficiency of paper submission and ensure the quality of diagrams, 51runse launched professional diagram production services, covering various


Price:Chart editing   300 yuan/chart

             Chart production 800yuan/chart

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