Security and Privacy

51runse strictly abides by privacy protection laws and regulations, and ensures that all academic intellectual property information of customers is kept strictly confidential.

51runse will never disclose any information to a third party before obtaining your consent.

We will sign a confidentiality agreement with you that includes the following:

Both parties to the contract have the obligation to keep secrets of the other party's relevant information learned during the execution of the contract. After this contract is terminated for any reason, this confidentiality clause will continue to be valid.

During the execution of the contract, the original text and data provided by the customer and other intellectual property information belong to the customer, and 51runse can only use it for the purpose of fulfilling this contract.

Before obtaining the customer’s prior written permission, 51runse shall not disclose or disseminate (including but not limited to copying, photocopying and using) any information of the customer (including but not limited to text, pictures, data, software and any other forms of information) to a third party.

51runse company, employees, and commissioned agents shall all be bound by this confidentiality clause.

51runse shall immediately return all documents obtained from Party A, including but not limited to written materials, electronic documents and media, etc. upon request from the customer.

The storage period of confidential customer information preserved by 51runse with the written permission of the customer is 12 months, and all of it must be destroyed or deleted after the expiration date.

The editors and related staff of 51runse have signed a confidentiality agreement with legal effect with 51runse. If any customer information (including personal information and intellectual property information) is disclosed to a third party by the editor, we will take legal measures in accordance with the signed agreement.

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